Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund

What is insured deposit?

It is such a part of deposit that will be compensated by the Fund in the amount defined by Law "on deposit insurance" in case of insurance incident in the participant bank where a depositor is serviced

What is the amount of compensation paid to a depositor?

Starting March 2, 2016 deposits accepted by the Fund’s member banks with the annual interest rate 3 % in the foreign currency and 15 % in the national currency will be fully insured for 3 ( three) years.

Currencies in which compensation is paid in an insurance incident

In manats for the deposits in national currency
In USD or EUR according to the currency of the deposit for the deposits in USD and EUR deposits
For deposits denominated in other foreign currencies compensation shall be paid in USD or EUR based on the official exchange rates defined by the Central Bank.

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Purpose for establishment of the FUND


Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund was founded on August 12, 2007 after the Law on Deposit Insurance was adopted by the Parliament of Azerbaijan Republic and was signed by the president of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. The purpose of establishing the Deposit Insurance Scheme is to prevent the risk of losing money deposited by individuals and to ensure the sustainability and development of the financial and banking system whenever banks and local branch offices of foreign banks become insolvent. Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund are regulated by the Board of Custodians and by Executive director based on the Law on Deposit Insurance. The first and present Executive director of ADIF is MR. Azad Javadov.

Since February 24, 2015 deposits with the annual interest rate of 12 percent and less are protected deposits and in case of insurance event only max. 30 000 AZN of protected deposits are compensated. That is to say, only max. 30 000 AZN deposits with the annual interest rate of 12 percent or less are paid-off by the Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund to the protected depositors of member bank where insurance event takes place.


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