Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund

What is insured deposit?

It is such a part of deposit that will be compensated by the Fund in the amount defined by Law "on deposit insurance" in case of insurance incident in the participant bank where a depositor is serviced

What is the amount of compensation paid to a depositor?

Starting March 2, 2016 deposits accepted by the Fund’s member banks with the annual interest rate 3 % in the foreign currency and 15 % in the national currency will be fully insured for 3 ( three) years.

Currencies in which compensation is paid in an insurance incident

In manats for the deposits in national currency
In USD or EUR according to the currency of the deposit for the deposits in USD and EUR deposits
For deposits denominated in other foreign currencies compensation shall be paid in USD or EUR based on the official exchange rates defined by the Central Bank.

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Where can the depositors get information on the payment of compensation in case of an insurance incident in any bank?


In case of an insurance incident in the participant bank the National Bank sends a notification to the Fund. On receipt of the notification the Fund shall within 7 (seven) calendar days publish an announcement in the following media on the time and venue of compensation payments:

 1. AzTV

2. Public TV

3. Azerbaijan newspaper

4. Republic newspaper

5. Khalg newspaper

6. AzerTAj informational agency

7. APA informational agency

The Fund shall make that announcement and publish the notification two more times at a week's interval.


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